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Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification Training

What Will I Learn?

Learnosign is the only expert educational website granting solutions to all candidates visiting websites to websites looking for their azure developer associate certification course. Our Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203 Certification Training for developers, now updated officially as Microsoft developer Azure AZ 204, provides guidance for all the phases of Azure cloud computing solutions i. e, selection, development, and implementation. This course is in alignment with the latest 2020 edition of azure developer certification exam and hence covers all the loops of the AZ 203 examination. Discover a new era of learning through IgmGuru’s online courses and flight yourself to land in one of the best MNC in the world. Hurry and enroll now!

Learning Objectives

Prior Knowledge

Azure developer associate certification course is specially designed by experts to assist you to crack your exams on the first attempt. The azure developer certification course compiles advanced knowledge of Azure technology development solutions, API management services, computer Vision, Azure service solutions, Azure storage services, and solutions, and Azure architecture, etc. This in-depth study gives a proper understanding of the course to help candidates hold Azure Developer Certification with pride and dignity. 

Advantage of taking the azure 203 certification course with us

Amongst the many other websites providing the course, Learnosign has gained the trust and confidence of all the candidates who have joined us. We provide sophisticated environment, specialist instructors, 24/7 service online service, healthy discussions and debates, practical knowledge-based courses, easy registrations, and 100% satisfaction, due to which our developers are now imparting awareness with their knowledge at the international and national level.  Taking the azure developer associate certification course you will know how to:


    • Troubleshoot, examine and optimize Azure solutions
    • Build Azure Storage solutions and services
    • Manage and implement azure security
    • Create Azure platform service solutions
    • Build Azure infrastructure service solutions
    • Consume and develop, third-party services and azure services


Your career depends on your knowledge and integrity to serve society well. What you know is what makes you. Our platform helps you prove your skills and showcase your talent to the world with confidence. Designated with Learnosign’s azure developer associate certification recognized worldwide with honor, the future developers are sure to create history.

Who should take the az 203 certification course?

People who wish to become azure developers to develop and host solutions for azure, and are preparing for the azure developer certification exams should join the az-203 azure online training course.

What are the criteria set to join the azure certification az 203 course?

The students willing to join the azure certification az 203 courses should be familiar with Microsoft azure. They should know how to use azure technologies and tools and are required to hold a minimum of year’s experience in providing solutions to Microsoft Azure and software development services.  

What are the practical benefits attached to the course?

Academic information is superior only if you know how to apply it efficiently without fail. Our team consists of very talented on-field experienced instructors. The roles of these instructors are not only to help you be familiar with the azure developer associate certification course content but also to impart natural scenario-based theories. Our main approach is to make you capable enough to stand confident when faced with a new condition. We also conduct small weekly tests to assist you visualize situations and then answer. This approach benefits candidates in the long run. 

Azure Developer Certification


The candidates who have undergone az-203 azure online training successfully and clear the Azure Developer Certified Associate Exams (now az-204) with minimum 70% marks, are awarded the azure developer associate certification, on a specified date declared beforehand. The moment is earned by the candidates to be a successful Az-203 developer and not just created. 

Are az 203 certification exam and az 204 exam the same?

Yes, both are the same. The AZ 203 exam had been updated as Az 204 exam since 24th Feb 2020 by Microsoft and until 31st may, 2020 candidates were allowed to appear for the old exam but from now Az 204 exam shall only provide azure developer associate certification after you clear it. However, the official release is yet to be made.

Module1 - Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solutions

  • 1.1 Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VM)
  • 1.2 Implement batch jobs by using Azure Batch Services
  • 1.3 Create containerized solutions

Module2 - Develop the Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solutions

  • 2.1 Create Azure App Service Web Apps
  • 2.2 Create Azure App Service mobile apps
  • 2.3 Create Azure App Service API apps
  • 2.4 Implement Azure functions

Module3 - Develop for Azure storage

  • 3.1 Develop solutions that use storage tables
  • 3.2 Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage
  • 3.3 Develop solutions that use a relational database
  • 3.4 Develop solutions that use blob storage

Module4 - Implement Azure security

  • 4.1 Implement authentication
  • 4.2 Implement access control
  • 4.3 Implement secure data solutions

Module5 - Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions

  • 5.1 Develop code to support scalability of apps and services
  • 5.2 Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions
  • 5.3 Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging

Module6 - Connect to and Consume Azure Services and Third-party Services

  • 6.1 Develop an App Service Logic App
  • 6.2 Integrate Azure Search within solutions
  • 6.3 Establish API Gateways
  • 6.4 Develop event-based solutions
  • 6.5 Develop message-based solutions